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Update No. 3

29 APR 2020

Closed for the Season

See you next year!

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To improve the safety in and around our pools, Kiddie Pool use is limited to members 6 years of age and younger. Members are reminded that our club rules require children in the Kiddie Pool be supervised by a parent or guardian and this person must remain within the confines of the Kiddie Pool boundary whenever their child is using the area. Supervising members should minimize personal distractions in the kiddie pool and stay focused on your child's safety. Remember that although the principle function of our lifeguards is to anticipate and react to unsafe conditions, you are responsible for the safety of your child and the guests under your supervision.



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The SSC wants to talk with teens searching for worthwhile summer employment.  A lifeguard’s skill set carries forward to any career or life situation that requires decision-making, leadership, conflict resolution, and teamwork.  Candidates must be at least 15 years old and obtain American Red Cross Lifeguard, CPR, First Aid, and PA Act 153 certifications.  We can help guide you through those.  You can obtain more information by emailing questions HERE or visiting the “BOARD & STAFF” section of our website.   

Update No. 1

01 APR 2020

Update No. 4

13 MAY 2020

The consumption of intoxicating liquors during normal operating hours jeopardizes the Club’s Charter, infringes on the rights of surrounding members to enjoy their Club, and poses a potential safety risk.  It is considered conduct detrimental to the reputation of the Club.  Any person bringing intoxicating liquors on the premises during normal operating hours will be removed from the property and their membership subject to suspension and/or termination.  Members are always accountable for the actions of their guests.  

Update No. 2

16 APR 2020

Opening Day

May 26th 2018





2019 Swim club ANNUAL Meeting

Wednesday, November 20, 2019 

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Dear Member Families,                                                                                                                                                          Update for May 28th, 2020

We are excited by the PA Department of Health (PA DOH) clarifications issued last week that provided guidance for Summer Recreation Camps and Pools operating in the ‘YELLOW’ phase.  The guidance gives us the information we need to manage the COVID-19-related risks defined by the PA DOH and still open our gates.


We know when you walk onto the pool grounds for the first time this year, things are going to look different.  Let’s stay on that point for a moment.

  • Please understand that the controls being put in-place are considered temporary.  They will be retired as soon as the PA DOH considers the risk of COVID-19 transmission in our region to be low and the Board considers it safe to do so.  Like you, we want to get things back to normal as soon as possible.    

  • Please understand that the controls being put in-place are considered mandatory.  They are devised to meet state and CDC requirements for maintaining social separation, ensure the safety of our staff and members, and helps guarantee we meet all new cleaning and sanitization standards.

  • The Board is required to take – and fully supports – a firm position with your observance to the controls we are required to implement.  Regardless of your personal beliefs relative to the seriousness of the situation, we are committed to supporting every member’s right to practice safe social distancing.  Any disregard considered flagrant will be addressed with action by the Board.  Simply put, the better we are at following the rules, the sooner we expect to be allowed to retire the controls.   

  • Parents should have a discussion with children in their household before their first visit to the pool to ensure they understand the importance of respecting other members’ boundaries.

  • The Board recognizes that our approach to managing the PA DOH-defined risks may not be a good fit for every one of our members.  Know that we remain committed to the continuous assessment of our plan and expect to be making adjustments along the way.  Your constructive feedback is always invited and valued.

There’s a lot of details we need to communicate to you.  We think the best way to do that is to stream a live video feed that allows us to provide information in a much more succinct manner.  Look for a video session announcement from us sometime within the next week.   Until then, the bullets below provide a top-level summary that covers several of the questions and feedback we have taken so far:   

  • We are on target for a July 1st Opening.  Now that we are able to prep the grounds and begin implementing the necessary controls, we will continue to assess our ability open sooner.  There is a lot to do. 

  • An interim occupancy limit of forty (40) member families at any one time is being established.  By limiting families to (40), our grounds footprint allows us to allocate a 27’ x 27’ ‘bubble’ for each family with independent access to the pool deck, other amenities, and exits. 

  • We will be extending daily operating hours.  Operating hours will be 7:30 am through 9:00 pm Monday through Sunday.  The first two hours will be reserved for lap swim and pool use for in-water exercise. 

  • An online reservation system will be used to establish blocks of pool usage time and ensure interim occupancy limits are being met.  Our proposed operating schedule is:

               7:30 am    –   9:30 am         Pool available to members for lap swim/in-water exercise (first come-first served)
               9:30 am    –   10:00 am       Grounds Turnover and Cleaning
               10:00 am –   12:00 pm       40 Member Spots Available by Reservation Only
               12:00 pm –   1:00 pm         Grounds Turnover and Cleaning
               1:00 pm    –   3:00 pm         40 Member Spots Available by Reservation Only
               3:00 pm    –   4:00 pm         Grounds Turnover and Cleaning
               4:00 pm    –   6:00 pm         40 Member Spots Available by Reservation Only
               6:00 pm    –   7:00 pm         Grounds Turnover and Cleaning
               7:00 pm    –   9:00 pm         40 Member Spots Available by Reservation Only 

  • Reservations will be limited to family members from a single household only and an approved caretaker.  Members from other households will be not permitted without a separate reservation.  Guests are not being permitted at this time.

  • Parents are always responsible for the actions of their children, especially considering the potential for a small child to wander into another family’s space.  Parents need to be active managers of their children and ensure they understand and respect the safety of others at all times.

  • Children 12 and older will be permitted (with an online reservation) without an adult family member.  Disrespectful or unruly behavior will not be tolerated.  Violations will be reviewed by the Board.

  • The moving of umbrellas, tables, and other fixtures is not permitted.

  • Chairs will not be provided.  Members must furnish their own chairs.

  • Restroom showers will be secured.

  • Parents and caregivers – not lifeguards – are responsible for ensuring their children social distance while in the pool.

  • A socially separated entrance system past the front desk will be implemented.  Members will exit the property through the two double gates that open into the parking lot. 

  • Our parking lot is large enough that members should plan for at least one empty space of separation when parking.  We are asking our members to reserve the parking row nearest the entry for our elderly members.

The Board's next bi-weekly meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 8th.  We will continue our current communication plan by providing our next detailed member update immediately following our meeting.  We encourage our members to reach out to the Board directly at any time with specific concerns and constructive feedback.  We are standing by to answer your questions or address any of your concerns.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly or any other Board Member during this period of uncertainty. 

                                                                                                                                                                             Best Regards,       
                                                                                                                                                                            Jeffrey Merlino
                                                                                                                                                                 President, Springfield Swim Club

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