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team boosters organization

swim & dive team boosters


The Swim Team Boosters Committee is designed to provide the administrative oversight necessary to create a fun environment that promotes a life‐long interest in swimming and ensures the coaching staff’s focus can remain on cultivating the individual swimmer’s development. 

The Swim Team Boosters Committee plans, organizes, and facilitates all swim team activities. They assist with coordinating the efforts of the coaching staff, swim team representatives, parents, and the Swim Club Board of Directors.  They make decisions pertaining to team spirit, swimmer recognition, and the operation of swim team functions.

Committee Moderator              Jen Guinto

Assistant Moderator                 Rosemary Merlino

Secretary                                  Bonnie Plunkett

Treasurer                                  Colleen Sullivan

Social Chair                              Jenn Guinto

Fundraising Co-Chairs             Lauren Frantz - Helena Ciechanowski

Snack Bar                                Amy Hackford

Communications Chair             Stacy Rosser

​Dive Team Coordinator             Krissy Pennese


dive team

league representatives

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Swim team

league representatives

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board of directors

swim & dive team liaison

The Board of Directors' Swim Team Liaison is responsible for supervising the Swim & Dive Team organization and all competition.  S/He acts as a direct liaison between the Swim Club's governing board and the Swim & Dive Team's Booster Committee.

Swim Team Liason:                                  Vacant